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Our members areas offer a variety of exclusive marketing courses and essential marketing tools for obtaining high quality websits. Our service is a must have for all webmasters, affiliate marketers or anybody looking to advertise on the internet. We also add new items to the members areas on a regular basis.

Below is a list of just some of our Techie Traininf Video subjects included in thefree  members area:

  • cPanel Password Protect Folder, cPanel Create MySQL, cPanel Create WP Site, WP Change Themes, WP Add Plugins, Create Favicon, cPanel Backup Restore, cPanel Create Redirect & Google Alerts
  • HTML5 Site Navigation Links, HTML5 Link Targets, HTML5 Images, HTML5 Comments Tag, HTML5 Meta Tags, HTML5 Audio Tag, HTML5 Video Tag, HTML5 Ordered Lists, HTML5 Unordered Lists, HTML5 hr Tag, HTML5 Validation
  • CSS Changing Text Alignment, CSS Changing Font Family, CSS Changing Font Style, CSS Adding Text Shadow & 3-D Text, CSS Creating A Content Box, CSS Add Rounded Corners To A Content Box, CSS Add Shadows To A Content Box
  • Source Code Editor, Web Reader, Create PDF, Alexa, Warrior Forum, Seller Sites, Screen Capture, Zip Files, Add To Your Windows Right-Click Menu, Feedly, a Google Reader Replacement, Cross Browser Testing
    Gmail Labs, Gmail Analytics, Google Analytics Account Setup, Google Analytics UI Tour, Google Analytics Customize Dashboard, Google Analytics Add Users, Google Analytics Creating Goals
  • Video Creation Basics, Jing Introduction, CamStudio Introduction, Screencast-O-Matic Introduction, EzVid Introduction, Windows Live Movie Maker, Audacity Introduction, Handbrake Introduction, Freemake Introduction, VLC Introduction & VLC Features
  • WordPress-Advanced Image Editor, Gimp Intro, Gimp Tour, Gimp Add ScriptFu, Gimp Add Gradient To Text, Gimp Glowing Text, Gimp Raised Text, Paint.net Intro, Paint.net Tour, Paint.net Add Plugins,
  • And SoMuch More.


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