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TechieTrainingVideosV9_160If the need for web conferencing system becomes inevitable, you need to have one fast, right? Wrong! Investing on the tool that may make or break the future of your business require more than your impulse. You need to know what your particular communication need is, what system will work for you best, how much will such system cost, and how reliable and secured such system would be. Knowing all these will lead you to the right decision when looking for a web conferencing system.

What you need defines it all Look for a particular system that you need. You may know this already but it needs to be reiterated so that you dont waste your money on an unsuitable system.

There are several vendors and hundreds of different web conferencing tools online; searching for one that you need may be very confusing. Determine if what you need falls under the following categories:

Instant messaging

Screen sharing



Remote PC access

Chat room software


Presentation creation and delivery

Online meetings and presentations

Live costumer support system

Other services

Any web conferencing vendors fall under one of these categories. Once you have determined what you need, you can now look for a particular service provider from the specific category you have chosen.

Security features

Going through the details about the security features of your possible vendor must be your main priority. Hackers and other unauthorized users may tap into your network and steal confidential documents from your server. Check with your vendor the types of security features they have.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has set up a standard on web conferencing security: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), non-persistent data flow and intrusion control. SSL limits data access to intended recipients and prohibits unauthorized access to data. Non-persistent data flow constantly transfers your data from one host to another to avoid detection from unauthorized users.

Intrusion control can detect and shut down unauthorized users from accessing your data. These standards are voluntarily adopted by the web conferencing hosting companies and manufacturers.